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Vista furnishings are truly a sight to see. Each product in the Vista series is crafted with careful attention to detail; pairing innovative design with meticulous engineering, Vista offers unparalleled quality and unceasing beauty. Using the most innovative materials and the latest in computer-aided design including 3-D printing, Laser-Cut patterns, and CNC machining, Vista products are manufactured with the specific intention of providing lasting, stunning fixtures to any environment. The benches in the Vista line are inspired by the natural simplicity and stunning attraction of the grandest of North American scenery, Vista benches borrow their names from some of the most iconic lakes and waterways of North America. Lakes and waterways which have come to symbolize truly inspiring vistas. All Vista products are made in North America using environmentally responsible resources. As breathtaking as a serene prairie lake and as rugged as the enduring Rocky Mountains, Vista furnishings are a perfect blend of form and function. With Vista, it’s easy to turn any public space into a scene to behold.


The benches in the Vista line are inspired by the natural simplicity and stunning attraction of the grandest of North American scenery, Vista benches borrow their names from some of the most iconic lakes and waterways of North America. Lakes and waterways which have come to symbolize truly inspiring vistas.
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Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake in the world. It is only fitting that Vista’s Superior series is equally as all-encompassing. Benches in the Superior line come in a large assortment of styles, and can be tailored to fit a wide variety of spaces and aesthetics.

The Superior series of benches combines sophistication, comfort and durability, all at a very competitive price. This series offers customization in terms of vertical or horizontal metal slats, curved frames, arched-back or straight-back, even multiple types of wood are available, so there is certain to be a Superior bench for everyone.

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The second-largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron is both majestic and cosmopolitan. So too is Vista’s Huron series of benches. With a timeless, elegant style, Huron benches are right at home in even the most refined areas but can be used to add a touch of old-world charm to any space.

Metal Huron benches offer the choice of either vertical or horizontal slats and are mounted on a classic solid cast-aluminum frame. Choose ipe hardwood for an extremely durable, pastoral charm.

For an even more dignified look, arched and curved benches can lend graceful, fluid lines, greatly underscoring these benches’ cultured appeal.


Nestled quietly in the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe is as peaceful and awesome as its mountainous surroundings. Benches from the Tahoe series are just as monumental, with their understated dignity and permanence.

Comfortable as a cool, high-altitude breeze, Tahoe benches are perfect for enjoying a tranquil afternoon amid a regal copse of conifers, but in truth, they situate well in any environment.

Tahoe benches are available in several options, including arched-back, straight-back, and even backless models. Also available is the option for Brazilian ipe hardwood, obtained as always, from ecologically monitored forests. And for a slightly urban touch, opt for a Tahoe bench with steel slats or even recycled wood instead.

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Lake Moraine’s blue-green majesty and cool, austere climate inspired Vista’s Moraine series of benches. Rustic, yet regal, Moraine benches can lend a touch of natural class to any venue.

Various custom options are available for the Moraine series; laser-cut steel patterns such as the Infinity, Diagonal, or Horizontal cuts, all look superb complementing a bench using optional Brazilian ipe hardwood.

Meets accessible criteria for benches.

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The Rideau Canal spans an impressive 202 kilometers in length, connecting the capital city of Ottawa with Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River. Rideau is the French word for curtain, an apt description for the signature twin waterfalls that occur where the Rideau River joins the Ottawa River.

Rideau benches are architecturally well-designed with a modern look. These extremely durable and inviting benches feature seat and back portions constructed from Brazilian Batu hardwood, obtained from ecologically monitored forests.


Lake Erie is known for its changeable temperament, and so it is only fitting that Vista’s Erie series is equally dynamic. The Erie series is predicated upon a singular infinity steel laser-cut pattern that is as artistic as it is universal.

As such, the Erie series can be paired with other Vista frame ends from the Tahoe, Superior, and Huron series for greater versatility in style and placement.

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People near and far know the majesty of Niagara Falls. Large curving lines and flowing laser-cut steel patterns represent our Vista designers’ tribute to this natural wonder. The Niagara Series makes a powerful statement in both design and durability.

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The buddy bench is a safe haven. A request for help and friendship. A child only needs to sit on the bench and help is on the way.


The beauty of Lake Michigan is enjoyed by more than 12 million people and fittingly, the Michigan series is modeled specifically for urban settings. Unobstructed for lots of room, these benches make for the perfect commuter-style seating.

For train or subway stations, bus stops, and other high capacity urban areas where space might be at a premium, Michigan benches offer sanctuaries of individual seating amid an otherwise bustle of activity.

With 0.25″ Steel Flat Bar and HSS tubing, the clean lines of the Michigan series make these benches the go-to choice for your transit station or busy city streets.

Shade Series

Custom Furnishings

Once you’ve selected the perfect piece of Vista furniture, why not customize it? Ideal for businesses or sports teams looking to build brand recognition or organizations wishing to thank important sponsors. Also, a great way for individuals to keep a loved one in their memory by placing a memorial bench at a favorite scenic vista. Nearly any bench can be customized with a decorative plaque or a laser-cut logo.


Vista trash receptacles are a perfect fit with Vista benches and come in all the same materials and styles in order to look right at home beside them. Keep your aesthetic streamlined by placing similarly themed items together, or mix-and-match with various styles, the choice is yours; the same laser-cut steel patterns, recycled plastic, or ipe Brazilian hardwood surfaces used in the Vista bench series are also available for Vista’s trash receptacles. With easy access doors, flare-top or flat-top designs, and the ability to complement any bench series, Vista receptacles are sure to fit in with your existing park or community space.

Quality and Design

Elegant design and superb quality makes Vista Furnishings perfect for any of your furnishing needs.


Communities are committed to environmental sustainability and require access to recycling repositories while enjoying the outdoors. Vista recycling stations are strong, durable, and literally designed to handle a lot. Not only will they help to keep your space clean, but with separate liners and openings, they also help to sort the various types of recyclable materials. Recycling bins are available in several different styles including flare-top, flat-top, and with several helpful additions such as an optional rain shield, or a graphic, printed recycling message to help with accurate sorting.


One of the most enjoyable activities in a park setting is the pleasure of eating outdoors. The fresh air and lovely surroundings make it all the more pleasing. Add some comfortable seating and a built-in tabletop, and it can be positively delightful. Vista’s picnic tables are tough and rugged and are meant to stay looking great for years of enjoyment. With a variety of styles and materials available, as well as options such as wheelchair accessibility, Vista’s picnic tables will work great in any outdoor venue either on their own or accompanying other Vista furnishings.

Features and Benefits

Vista is an attractive product line that can complement any environment, from scenic parks and trails to urban streets and shopping malls. Not to be understated, however, is Vista’s commitment to quality and ecological sustainability. Vista is dedicated to conserving the environment; superior quality recycled materials and environmentally conscious methods are used during fabrication, including lead-free and solvent-free powder coatings, and wood sourced from ecologically managed forests. Many of the finished products themselves can even be recycled, ensuring that Vista looks confidently to the future. Vista’s construction quality is unmatched. Comprised of strong, durable materials, every product in the Vista line is built to last. Vista uses the same heavy-duty materials in all of its benches, so choose from straight, curved, arch-back, backless, or even a customized version, and regardless of style, rest assured that Vista has got your back. The full and final Vista allure is only possible through the application of an extremely high-quality finish, which is present on all of our products. After every surface is carefully prepared, exacting detail goes into each stage of the coating process.

Inline Production Quality Process

1: Sand Blasted

All metal is sand-blasted to remove any impurities and to etch the surface in order to promote excellent adhesion of the subsequent layers.

2: Zinc Primer

The products are then sprayed with a zinc-rich primer, and allowed to partially cure. E-Coat primer available when required.

3: Powder Coat Application

Next, a TGIC-free polyester topcoat is administered over the zinc primer.

4: Curing Powder Coat

The final stage occurs in a state-of-the-art infrared oven, where all of the combined coatings are cured and altogether hardened into a positively incredible finish.

5: Wrapping and Shipping

Finally, each product is carefully packaged using heavy-duty shrink wrap, and then physically bolted down for stability during transport. The end result is something that looks gorgeous no matter where it rests, and maintains its strength and appeal no matter how long it stays there.