A themed activity park is an area that features various attractions, such as rides and play equipment that revolve around a central theme. An outdoor or indoor playground that is theme based is built in a way that it covers landscaping and architecture based on the theme.  They are common these days due to their appeal. These not only serve as fun parks for children but also as picnic spots for families and moreover good learning areas for kids. Themed activity parks equipment can be developed on a plethora of concepts of innovative themes like nature, military, farms, water parks, outdoor fitness, farms and dinosaur digs, etc. They are designed with detail catering to children of different ages.

Why has themed activity parks equipment become the in-thing?

  • Creativity: Themed parks can ignite creativity in children by providing the space and setting for play in a storytelling manner. This provokes children to indulge in decision making and exploring activities. For example, a dinosaur-themed play area would put children in a space wherein they can imagine being in the dinosaur era and excavate their way out.
  • Development: These playgrounds aid in the learning and development of children. By providing an area based on a theme, they impart knowledge on the subject. Obstacle courses, for instance, allow children to challenge themselves against their peers. They learn the skills to conquer the obstacles while honing their social skills.
  • Fun: Themes playgrounds serve the most fundamental aim of playgrounds – fun. Children just want to get out there frolicking their way through parks. These playgrounds provide an additional factor of attractiveness for them. Apart from the regular swing and slide, these present more ways to play.

What better than looking at a child playing with the expression of sheer joy on their face?

  • Customization: Theme based playgrounds can be built on various themes as per your requirements. They allow you to pick any theme and create your own playground by mixing and matching different equipment. Thus creating something matching the taste and needs of yourself and your community.
  • Aesthetics: Since themed playgrounds are in tandem with their theme, they are aesthetically pleasing. They use bright and appealing shapes that attract children. For example, nature-inspired play events look similar to natural elements like trees and logs. Therefore, they possess the visual appeal of the natural world

Theme parks have gained a lot of traction in this century as they are beneficial for parents and children alike. There are innumerable types of themed activity parks you can create. The options include indoor and outdoor play areas. Let us take a look at some innovative equipment that could be used in theme parks:

  1. Playsteel MAX: Playsteel MAX are large and complex play systems that come in many variants. There are different systems available according to age groups. They consist of an assortment of structures like slides, skateboard riders, flat bridges, climbers, stepping stones, word tumblers and many more. They even house avant-garde inclusions like Braille panel.
  2. Fitness themed equipment: There are numerous kinds of park equipment focusing on fitness. For example, Playsteel FIT provides the balance of upper body overhead events and climbing events that help excellent physical activity for children. It comes in variants according to age group. There is a lot of outdoor fitness equipment facilitating upper body, lower body, cardio, and static core exercises. There is even wheelchair accessible fitness equipment available in the market. By incorporating these units into the outdoor gym, the benefits of fitness can be extended to a greater percentage of the population. Nevertheless, there is more equipment like obstacle courses for fitness-themed parks.
  3. Sports-themed equipment: There is various sports-themed equipment that can be used to adorn your activity park. It includes basketball hoops, tetherball and rope, tetherball game panda hoop games and tripe hoop games, etc. These also come in different variations. They not only present a fun way for children to play but also encourage them to play sports.
  4. Toddler equipment: Parks especially designated for preschool toddlers have equipment like Playtots. It comes in different types in terms of design, shapes, structures, and colors. It features curvy panels and textures decks. Hence, it ensures the safety of your tiny toddlers while maintaining the visual appeal. There is other equipment of this theme such as playhouses, sand play, play vehicles, and motion toys.

Themed activity parks equipment has been doing the rounds in the past due to all the aforementioned reasons. It can be installed in amusement parks, housing neighborhoods, commercial establishments, and public spaces. For details on the products mentioned here and more, contact our expert staff at Henderson Recreation. We’d be happy to assist you.