The Benefits of Play Using Playgrounds

We all know that children love to play, but it’s not just for fun and games! Play is crucial to a child’s development and well-being, enabling them to interact and engage with other children as well as to explore their creativity and personality. Skills that children learn as they play will be ones that they carry with them into adulthood, shaping their character in their later years. Keeping kids playing is critical to their happy and healthy development, which drives our team here at Henderson.


Playgrounds contribute to a child’s physical health, allowing them to expand their coordination and gross motor skills. On our innovative playgrounds, children can practice balancing, climbing, jumping, swinging and sliding! In addition to these skills, outdoor playgrounds are the perfect place to get some fresh air and burn off their natural energy — meaning kids sleep better, eat better, and focus better.    


While most play is fun sometimes other emotions can be involved too, such as frustration, anger, confusion, and sadness. Dealing with these emotions in a safe environment teaches children how to process their feelings and the feelings of those around them. Playing with others teaches children about empathy and understanding. 


Do you remember making friends at the local playground? Of course, you do! Playgrounds are a perfect place for children to meet friends, old and new. By playing with other children from various age groups, kids will expand their social and communication skills by learning how to share, collaborate and compromise. 


Cognitive development allows a child to think, remember, understand and reason. As they play, kids are always solving problems, experimenting, and learning, which allows their knowledge to grow. A well-thought-out playground provides a space for children to explore their environment’s physical and spatial aspects, thus boosting their cognitive development.


Above all, play is only limited by a child’s own creativity! From role-play and exploring new worlds, to creating their own game with its own set of rules, a child’s imagination can truly run wild!

Our family-owned and -operated business has been creating innovative and exciting playgrounds for almost fifty years. Our business’s driving force has always been about Putting Children First™— by ensuring that our play equipment fulfills every child’s needs, allowing them to grow and thrive. Choose from our extensive range of freestanding play equipment, dinosaur digs, rope play, swings, slides and obstacle courses to create a truly unique playground, and will serve the children in your community for many years to come!

Henderson Playgrounds offers a full line of superior outdoor shelters from CoverWorx, available in both steel and wood shelters.

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