Green all the way through.

Green Playgrounds?

Can playgrounds be green? Yes! Do they need to be? Absolutely! As consumers, our decisions have a lasting impact on future generations. At Henderson, we care about children enough to consider the environmental impact of our materials and manufacturing processes.

Henderson’s modular playgrounds are composed primarily of galvanized steel tubing, HDPE plastics. They are guaranteed to last a minimum of 25 years. And at the end of their long life, steel and HDPE plastic are easily recycled. In fact, recycling your scrap steel generates money that you can put toward the purchase of your next playground.

Henderson makes it a priority to use recycled, recyclable, and renewable resources wherever possible. Not to mention the reduced consumption that takes place in our lean manufacturing facilities. We are always on the lookout for smarter materials and manufacturing methods to help reduce waste and lower the carbon footprint of our products.

Lean and green
Aimed at increasing efficiency and decreasing consumption, Henderson’s lean system of manufacture just makes sense―eco sense! Lean helps us reduce material waste and energy consumption while ensuring the quality, consistency, accuracy and timeliness of each and every product sold.

Green comes in many colours
We’ve chosen our colourful plastic products for their recycled plastic content and recyclability. Our HDPE sheet plastic contains up to 67% recycled content and our non-skid plastic contains up to 50% post-industrial recycled content. All of our plastics are 100% recyclable.

Galvanized steel tube that makes up most of our products contains 41% post-consumer content and a total of 65% recycled content. This makes steel playgrounds a green choice both for the recycled content and the ease with which they can be recycled at the end of the lifespan, not to mention their durability.

Even our rock climbers are available in a sustainable corn and soy version; better for the planet and useful in accumulating valuable LEED credits.