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Twin Track Ride


Double the fun with two 8′ (2438mm) long rides.


Twin Track Ride is a mechanical assembly of track, support bars, and trolley. Track is a mechanical assembly of 14 gauge (3mm) satin-coated steel sheet, and 10 gauge (3mm) satin-coated steel sheet. Support bars are a welded assembly of 1.5” x 3” (38mm x 76mm) rectangular x 11 gauge (3mm) Allied Flo-Coat® galvanized steel tube, 0.1875” x 1.75” (5mm x 44mm) zinc-plated hot-rolled mild flat steel, and 1.5” (38mm) O.D. x 0.625” (16mm) rubber bumper. Trolley is a welded assembly of 1.029” (26mm) O.D. x 14 gauge (2mm) Allied Flo-Coat® galvanized steel tube, 10 gauge (3mm) satin-coated steel sheet, steeling ball bearing and nylatron rod (plastic wheels). Track, support bars, and trolley handle are powder-coat painted.

Age Range:

  • 5 to 12 Years

Deck Heights:

  • Not Applicable

Playground Standards:

Component Colors:

  • Color is a personal choice and an essential part in good playground design. Our playground consultants will help you make the best choices. See our Color Combinations or Color Options pages for more information.

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