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Slash-Proof Belt Seat (8′ Topbar)


Model No. SS043

  • A 6in x 24in x 5/16in (152mm x 610mm x 8mm) swing belt seat made from 70 EPDM rubber with a vandal-proof metal insert and galvanized steel hardware.
  • Galvanized welded triangular hardware makes this an extremely durable swing seat.
  • EPDM: Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer is a synthetic rubber material which helps prevent crazing, cracking and oxidizing. Coated to a thickness of 0.25in (6.35mm) to 0.375in (9.5mm)
  • Rubber does not rub off on children’s clothes
  • Unlike seats made of polymer, seats made of EPDM rubber hold up well in extreme temperatures, both very hot and very cold.
  • The triangle is constructed of 3/8in dia. (9.5mm) cold rolled steel with the ends welded together.
  • The plate is 1/16in (1.6mm) thick stamped galvanized steel.
  • Rivets are made of 1/4in (6.35mm) diameter steel.
  • Tensile strength is 3100 lbs.

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