Nature Inspired Play Events

Durability of GFRC combined with the Beauty of Nature

Log Climber


Climb on this realistic fallen log. Balance on, climb on, jump off or just hang out with your your friends. The Log Climber will definitely be one of the more popular climbers for kids.
Dimensions – 12′-6″ long (3.8m), 1′-11″ wide (0.6m) 2′-5″ tall (0.7m)


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC): A concrete mix reinforced throughout with chopped glass fibers. Cement used shall be Type 1 Portland cement meeting the requirement of the ASTM C 150. Fine, clean, dry sand, able to pass a No. 20 sieve, free of contaminants or deleterious matter and meeting composition requirements of ASTM C144. Glass Fibers specially designed for use in concrete; shall be alkali-resistant (AR) fiber and chopped to 18mm lengths, with 12mm lengths in any topical coat. Concrete shall have integral color that shall be harmless to concrete strength, alkali-resistant, shall not to exceed 10% of amount of cement, and conforming to the requirements of ASTM C979 for color steadfastness. Minimum physical properties shall be: 1500 pounds per square inch in tension and 5000 pounds per square inch in compression.

Age Range:

  • 2-5 and 5 to 12 Years

Deck Heights:

  • Not Applicable, freestanding play event

Playground Standards:

Component Colors:

  • Painted by professional artists

Use Zone:

  • 24′-6″ft x 14ft (7.5m x 4.3m)

Playground Standards: