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Geode Mini


ge∙ode — A hollow, usually spheroidal rock with crystals lining the inside wall.
With a combination of rounded and linear structural beams and a complex inner structure of play ropes, a Geode takes children far from their everyday play experience, stretching and learning as they go.

• Available in Mini and Mega sizes, Geodes fit park, school or childcare settings.
• Geodes can be attached to PlaySteel and Orbis play structures.
• High-strength, steel-reinforced Geode play ropes are German-engineered for maximum strength and an optimal grip.
• Play on Geodes is responsive and ever-changing. The movement and reactivity of rope play provides children with a play experience unlike any other.
• Geodes develop core strength and balance while improving climbing skills and co-ordination.
• Geodes are not just climbers. Children use play ropes in more ways than you can imagine—climbing is just the beginning.

Age: 2 to 12
Kid Capacity: 16
Use Zone: 24′ x 24′ (7.3m x 7.3m)
Height: 9′-5″ (2.9m)

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