Playground Guide Part 8

Prepare your plan

Now, with your significant decisions completed regarding the play equipment and site, your Henderson Representative can help you move your project along by providing you with the following:

High Quality 3D Renderings

Nothing gets the kids or the community more excited than seeing their future playground rendered in 3D, especially poster size, which is great to help with fundraising. And if one 3D image is not good enough, we can provide a back view to help you visualize your new playground better. Render format are available in letter, tabloid, and poster sizes (24″ x 30″).

Scaled Plan View Drawings

We also can provide you with detailed dimensioned plan views that include site boundaries, orientation, color selection, age appropriateness. Suppose the city engineering, landscape architect, or other professional has detailed scaled drawings in DWG format. In that case, we can place your playground in the drawing or send the drawing to your landscape architect to place it in the scaled drawings. 


If you need detailed information on the materials grades and dimensions, material types, and production processes, your Henderson Recreation representative can provide you with detailed specifications. 

Quotation and Future Costs

After decisions regarding the playground equipment, design, and surfacing are complete. Your Henderson Recreation representative can provide you with a quotation that breaks down site preparation, play equipment, playground, installation, and surfacing costs. Henderson recommends that you determine the costs of maintenance for the playground’s life cycle as well.

Final Decisions

Henderson Recreation highly recommends that you closely review your playground design, surfacing, color choices, accessory selections, schedules, approvals or permits required, revision number, and current quotation with all members of your committee before signing a purchase order. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Henderson Recreation representative for assistance. Note: color selection is often an overlooked essential piece that is required to process your playground. Henderson Recreation recommends that you finalize your color choices before placing your playground order. 

Project Timeline

 An excellent approach to creating a playground timeline is to start with your grand opening and work backward. If you are not planning a grand opening, determine the playground’s desired completion date, and work backward from that date.

It is essential to follow your timeline; otherwise, your playground will not be complete on time. Break your project down into smaller components with specific dates for each component. Small components will help you move the project along to completion. Do not forget to build in flex time as well, since weather and other factors can sometimes significantly delay your completion date. Depending upon the complexity of your project and implementation options, the following dates may be important:

  • Grand opening/Ceremony/Dedication Day
  • Installation Day/Community Build Day
  • Equipment Delivery Day
  • Site Preparation Day
  • Order your Playground Day
  • Finalize Playspace Design and Colors Day
  • Design Day
  • Fundraising Events
  • Budget Set
  • Organizational meetings

Installation or Construction Options

There are a few installation options or construction options to choose from. Sometimes your budget determines your installation option. Choices include:

  1. Professional contractor certified and insured installer and skilled tradespeople.


  1. Supervisor Installation: A professional supervisor guides and helps volunteers install the playground.


  1. Volunteers: If you decide to install the playground yourself using volunteers, Henderson Recreation recommends that you instruct your volunteers on safety precautions, sign a liability waiver, or get volunteer insurance. Ensure all the utilities (sewer, electrical, bell, gas, cable, and telephone wires) are marked on the job site.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is an essential and often overlooked step in creating an excellent playground environment. Done correctly and on time will save you trouble down the road. First, remove any old equipment, i.e., playground, freestanding equipment, park amenities. If your equipment is in relatively good shape, you may be able to donate it. However, be extremely careful in doing this as it may carry some liability exposure. Sometimes people remove the playground for free if you give it to them, ask around, you never know who is handy enough to take your old playground off your hands and save you money. If no one wants the old playground, do not just take it to the dump. The plastic and metal can be recycled. Contact your local recycling facilities or metal scraper to recycle your old playground. That way, you are green.

Site leveling is a critical aspect of site preparation. Your playground site should not exceed 1·2% grade. All inclines, bumps, dips, and any other topographically features need to be leveled, flat with no more 1·2% grade.

Landscape features are also essential in creating a successful space. Features can include site amenities, planting, and landforms. Do not underestimate the complexity of these landscape features. The most successful projects involve the service of a Landscape Architect or professional Landscape Designer to handle these complexities. Do not remove any trees or change a site’s drainage without getting professional advice. Some codes and regulations can apply to these kinds of changes.

Before you did make sure all underground utilities are well marked. 

Henderson Playgrounds specializes in traditional play equipment, including swings, multi-user basket style swings, vandal-resistant belts, baby swings, and parent-child swings.

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