The phase of childhood is of utmost importance to a person’s development as it is during that phase when they mold themselves and become adults. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that the human brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25 years in case of men and 21 years, in the case of women.  So it is very important to learn, grow and develop in childhood in order to turn into physically, mentally and intellectually healthy human beings. However, as a child, one is not too inclined towards conventional ways of learning. They are more inclined to leisurely activities like playing.

A good way to learn as a child is to play freely and explore the intricacies of life on your own. For people living in rural settings, it is quite possible as kids to play freely close to nature. But for the large part of people residing in cities, that is not the case. Living in the confines of concrete structures with technological advancement, children increasingly spend most of their time indoors indulging in electronic devices like cell phones, TV’s, PC’s, gaming consoles and tablets. It is imperative to provide them with safe and stimulating outdoor areas. The importance of play is such that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.

In current times, with increasing media attention towards injury, abduction, and crime against children and consequently the growing emphasis on safety, parents are reluctant to send their children off to play in the streets or in the woods. Playgrounds provide a safe, fun and challenging environment for children to play in.

Some widely accepted and proven benefits of innovative commercial playgrounds in children’s development are:

  1. Brain and social development
  • Free play with innovative playground equipment helps expand their creativity and knowledge. They also develop problem-solving skills. For example, Dinosaur digs and climbers are life size play equipment cast from real dinosaur bones. Children can excavate their very own dinosaur skeleton and make important dinosaur fossil discovery practically in their very own backyard. This is possible for people in any location without having access to museums to gain that kind of knowledge.
  • They learn to communicate and collaborate with others by engaging and interacting with the world around them at an early age. Playground equipment such as competitive obstacle course allows children to challenge themselves against their peers which equip them with social skills along with physical competency.
  • They make friends, get into conflicts and learn how to work in groups. This way they get socially prepared for the world. They also start to appreciate diversity in others.
  • It helps students adjust to the school setting and enhance their willingness to learning.
  1. Physical Development and Good Physical Exercise
  • World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized obesity as an “epidemic”. It is estimated that 26% of Canadian children and youth ages 2 to 17 are considered overweight or obese. This shows that there is an urgent reason to increase physical activity among children.
  • Apart from the obesity menace, playing improves motor skills and gain physical strength. Some avant-garde play equipment like nature inspired rock climbers to help children develop these traits.
  • Equipment like rope climber helps improve balance and coordination.
  • The Canadian Mental Health Association says 3.2 million children in Canada between the ages of 12 and 19 are at risk for developing depression. In a new study by researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Calgary at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, researchers have identified exercise as a factor that can prevent a child’s risk for developing depression.
  1. Emotional Development and Positive Mental Health
  • Unrestricted play with peers in an outdoor setting invokes empathy in children, as they tend to help each other and develop human connections.
  • Some playgrounds are designed to be challenging, that provoke children to take on new challenges and make them stronger. It also helps them conquer their fears.
  • Unrestricted free play strengthens the free will, which in turn allows the children to gain independence and inculcate better decision making.
  1. Pleasure

The primary objective of playgrounds for a child is fun. It is meant to be a leisure activity, after all. There is innovative commercial playground equipment like Orbis Playground and Berliner Seilfabrik that keep children engaged and enable numerous fun activities in just one piece of equipment. When children are playing, it also gives parents some time off.

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