Inclusive Commercial Playgrounds

As a family owned and operated playground manufacturer that has been designing and producing children’s play equipment for the past 49 years, we understand the impact that an innovative and creative playscape can have on a child’s development. When children have the opportunity to explore and play on their own terms, they gain confidence in the boundless limits of their abilities.

At Henderson, creating thoughtful and inclusive playground equipment is our passion. Every child should have the right to play and so we strive to make our playgrounds accessible to everyone. This means building a playground that appeals to children of all ages and all physical and social abilities in order to break down barriers of exclusion. We have designed many play structures to be wheelchair accessible and sensory rich for children both with and without disabilities. We believe that inclusivity is the key to raising thoughtful and compassionate children who can play in harmony side by side.

What features make an inclusive playground?

Physical accessibility – One of the main features of an inclusive playground is physical accessibility for all children. This means offering wheelchair accessible ramps and routes as well as the inclusion of other customized equipment, such as swings, that are suitable for children of all physical abilities.

Integration – We believe that specialized inclusive play equipment for children with disabilities shouldn’t be hidden off to the side in a localised area of the outdoor playground. When designing an inclusive playground, it is important that the customised play equipment is integrated seamlessly into the main playscape, so that children of all abilities can play together and interact with one another.

Innovation – Inclusive playgrounds should appeal to children of all ages by engaging the senses and inspiring their curiosity. Not all children like to play in the same way, so a successful park playground should include a variety of equipment that encourages both imaginative individual and social play.

Whether you are looking for a commercial playground with swings, slides, monkey bars and climbing nets, custom play equipment, nature playground or an explorative dinosaur playground, we are the foremost playground company with the experience to get the job done!

Henderson Playgrounds specializes in superior commercial playgrounds, accessible and inclusive playground designs, exciting and challenging freestanding play equipment.

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