Freestanding Play Events

Swings, Climbers, Motion Toys and More

It wouldn’t be childhood without them

Some things will never go out of style as long as kids are still kids―this includes swings, monkey bars, sand play, balance beams, teeter totters and freestanding slides.

Though the basic design of these traditional play components remains the same, Henderson has improved on the safety and durability of our traditional equipment over the years, giving you the same quality customers have come to expect from Henderson.

Our traditional play equipment features the same high-quality materials found in our modular playground equipment, including Allied Flo-Coat® galvanized steel tubes, top-quality powder-coat paint finishes, and stainless steel hardware.

All Henderson playground products are designed to meet or exceed the current CAN/CSA Z614, ASTM F1487 and CPSC standards. Henderson is an active participant on both the CAN/CSA Z614 and ASTM F1487 standards.

Henderson’s experienced playground consultants are just a phone call or e-mail away. Call 1-800-265-5462 or email to get your playground project started.

Choose from many different types of freestanding play events. Perfect on their own or great additions to any playground or playspace.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Commercial Swings

Swings keep children physically active while having a great time. The turn-taking, cooperation, sharing and problem solving that happen naturally at the swing set are important lifelong skills. And so are the lessons in friendship learned while friends (literally) hang out together at the swings.

Henderson offers traditional tripod-style swings and modern arch swings in heavy duty and standard grades, 8′ and 10′ heights, and with any number of bays or half-bays, thanks to our Extend-A-Bay™ and Extend-A-Half-Bay™ options. We also offer commercial tire swings, single post swings and t-frame swings, for something a little different in your playground.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Independent Climbers

Kids love the challenge and thrill of climbing all over and our playground climbers allow children to climb up, down and all around and even over or under.

Our climbers provide challenging and fun opportunities for children to learn new skills while having a blast. We have playground climber for children of all ages and abilities.

Motion Toys

Children love the exciting variety that moving elements bring to the playground. Add a Henderson spring toy, seesaw, teeter-totter or rocker to your play structure, or create a unique play space filled entirely with freestanding and traditional play events.

For thematic playgrounds, there’s no easier way to add character. Henderson’s selection of spring toys and spring riders includes dinosaurs, ships and sea creatures, animals from around the globe, and vehicles, including race cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, SUVs and fire trucks.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Independent Slides

Our new commercial slides have been redesigned to provide a modern look to the traditional freestanding slides that are forever popular with children. Choose from many different styles and heights, plastic and stainless slides as well.

Independent Slides are always great additions to any playspace or playground area. If you have a limited budget our independent commercial slides are always a welcomed addition for children to enjoy and play on.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Independent Spinners

Our Spinning Play Events are super popular among kids. They are also a great way for children to burn calories and have a ton of fun doing it. These freestanding spinning playground events make perfect additions to any playground or playspace.

Our ultra durable tapered bearing will make sure your spinners will last and kids will have years of fun and excitement.

Play Vehicles

From race cars to buses and jeeps we offer all kinds of different play vehicle kids can enjoy imagining driving the real thing.

Each play vehicle is packed with fun imagination and manipulative events like steering wheels, gear shifts, and moving gears.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Nature Inspired Play Events

Nature inspired GFRC rock climbers make a great addition to any playspace or playground. Besides, they just look so cool and kids really enjoy climbing up, around, and over these rock climbers. We have a lot of styles and sizes for all ages and abilities.


Play Houses

Scaled perfectly for the children ages 2-5 our playhouses offer opportunities for children to explore, discover and interact with a manipulative and imaginative play activities our play houses provide.

Sand Play

What child doesn’t like to play in sand? They love it, building sand castles, pushing sand around with toy bulldozers, piling up hills and knocking them down. Our sandbox is large enough for multiple children to play in.

The deck edge also provide a great place for parents or caregivers to sit down and enjoy the play sand experience with the children as well.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Sports Equipment

Henderson provides commercial grade basketball posts, backboards and nets, both steel and nylon.

We also have tetherball games and replacement ropes and tetherballs.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Ball Games

Triple hoop ball games are a blast at any school or park. Kids throw the balls in the top which is extra large to to make it relatively easy, but the balls can randomly come out one of the three exits. Kids never know which exit their ball is going to come out. Use colored balls for added fun.

Need Outdoor Fitness Equipment? We got it!

Ready to Rock Your Kid’s Fitness Program

Henderson’s Obstacle Course challenges are here

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a  race through a challenging and fun obstacle course. Kids can challenge each other through a series of difficult, muscle building, cardio enhancing and physically tough obstacle course. They can also practice the obstacle events independently as they prepare for the next race against their friends.

Fight Childhood Obesity with Structured Competitive Events.

Great for schools that want to enhance they physical education program outdoors. No aspect of physical fitness has been left out on the largest course.

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