Competitive Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses Designed to take Childhood Fitness to the Next Level

The head to head format will allow children to challenge themselves against their peers and add a unique twist to this challenge. Over time, through practice, children will develop skills to conquer these obstacles. Learning valuable life lessons along the way. Incremental improvements is part of the challenge of overcoming these obstacles. But most of all, children will have fun.

Some Key Obstacles

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Warped Wall

Two challenging warp walls are provided. If they are too difficult a third vertical wall or rappel wall can be used as an alternative route to the top of the deck to touch the finish line.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Quintuple Steps

Two lanes through the Quintuple Steps allows children to race across these challenges.

Hang Board

Duo sided hang board provides another challenging obstacle for kids to tackle requiring coordination and strength with lots of agility.

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Rope Pyramid

Requiring balance, agility, strength, and flexibility the rope pyramid will challenge children as they learn to conquer and then excel at this obstacle.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Spider Climber

An easy challenge for a spider with eight legs not so for kids who have to use all four limbs to conquer this obstacle.


Kids see monkeys do this all the time on TV or at the zoo. Monkeys make it look easy, it’s not.

Henderson Obstacle Challenge Courses

Designed to Challenge these Fitness Elements!
  • Agility 80% 80%
  • Accuracy 55% 55%
  • Balance 90% 90%
  • Cardiovascular Endurance 95% 95%
  • Co-ordination 70% 70%
  • Flexibility 65% 65%
  • Power 85% 85%
  • Strength 100% 100%
  • Speed 90% 90%
  • Stamina 80% 80%

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PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds

Maximize versatility, accessibility and component selection with PlaySteel Max, Henderson’s premium play system. Max is large and in charge, and has our largest decks, our most durable posts, and our largest selection of play components.
PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds

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Dinosaurs Digs Climbers & Rocks

Discover amazingly real dinosaur digs cast from original dinosaur bones. Exciting and educational. We also offer a variety of concrete climbers and other play features that is sure to impress every child.


PlayTots is a great mix of durability and value and is perfect for today’s smaller facilities. Its components are developmentally appropriate and are sized just right for the smaller height, reach, and step of preschoolers. PlayTots attractive designs are inviting to children as well as caregivers, and encourage learning.

Berliner Seilfabrik

Rope movement is the core design element of Berliner play equipment. Rope combines form and function as both the structural and the play element. It offers a variety of play activities: climbing, swinging, balancing etc. encouraging a sense of agility, achievement and power in a playful environment.

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