Every child is different, and different children have different needs. There are playgrounds for fulfilling specific purposes like educative, fitness, and developmental. There are various factors that come in play while designing a playground. You could build a playground according to your child’s age, height, interests, etc. Additionally, there are other factors like budget, location, size, theme, etc. Custom playground equipment allows you to create a playground suiting your needs. Instead of installing a pre-built playground, you could make your own by adding different play events according to your choice.

There are numerous standalone play events you could combine to design a custom playground-

Independent Swings

Swings are an integral part of playgrounds. There are a lot of types of swings like arch swing, single pole swing and tire swing (that comprises a tire instead of a paddle). Moreover, there are more customizable swing options like Extend-A-Bay and Extend-A-Half-Bay. They let you add more bays to a single swing set even after installation.

Independent Climbers

There are numerous kinds of climbers like Lava Rock Climber, Camelback Climber, Cliff Hanger, Dome Climber, Rock Climber, Inclined Vortex Net, Space Station, Spider Net, Twist Climber, etc. Different climbers can be used according to the kind of playground you want to customize.

Motion Toys

Motion toys are the most versatile equipment as there are so many of them available for different types of themes. There are spring motion toys, see-saws, clovers, teeter-totters, rock-a-rounds, etc. These come in various forms like cars, animals, birds, boats, alphabets, pirates, etc. You could pick the design according to your playground theme.
You could add these to your play structures, or create a unique play space filled entirely with freestanding and traditional play events.

Independent Slides

Slides, found in most playgrounds, could also adorn your customized playground. There are quite some options when it comes to slides. You could choose from a classic slide, wave slide, twister slide, spiral slide, etc. You can choose the colors of each sectional piece to go with your playground.

Independent Spinners

Types of spinners include Orbiter, seated spinners and standing spinners. They are a great way of burning calories and could be added to just about any kind of playground.

Nature inspired play events

Nature inspired playground equipment is a perfect fit for your nature themed playground. It comprises boulders, rocks climbers, log beams, log climbers, log steppers, log benches, etc.

Sand play

A sand play has options like sandboxes with a roof, skeleton accessible sand tables, and sand diggers.

Other custom playground equipment includes play vehicles, playhouses, ball games, and sports equipment. Custom playground equipment provides a different design for everybody. You can choose the equipment, their color, and the order in which they are installed. This enables you to have a unique playground for your children.
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