Our focus is clear: “Putting Children First.” With over almost 50 years of experience, Henderson Recreation is a leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment. We understand that play is a serious business for children and its impact on their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. That’s why we take the design of fun and interactive playgrounds seriously.


Play is an essential component of a child’s development and contributes to their overall well-being. Research shows that outdoor play can improve physical fitness, emotional regulation, social skills, and cognitive abilities. That’s why we are dedicated to “Putting Children First” by providing quality commercial playground equipment that encourages play and fosters healthy development.


We offer a range of high-quality commercial playground equipment options to meet your needs, including swings, freestanding play events, slides, dinosaur digs, motion toys, playhouses and more. Trust us to provide the best equipment for your community’s happy and healthy development.

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Playgrounds, dinosaur digs, obstacle courses, shelters and outdoor fitness equipment.

Go to PlaySteel MAX

Our premium playground line. Tons of playground designs to fit the needs of any play space.

Go to PlaySteel FIT

PlaySteel FIT, designed to FIT your space and budget. Our most popular playground line.

Go to PlayTots

PlayTots designed to meet the needs of younger children ages 18m to 5 years in Canada and 2 to 5 years in the USA. Popular with daycares.

Go to Playground Components

Find playground components for PlaySteel MAX and PlaySteel Fit here. Overheads, slides and climbers, and much more.

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The World’s premium rope play equipment from Berliner Seilfabrik. Amazing designs that will keep children coming back.

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Henderson offers loads of innovative freestanding play events and stand-alone play items. Children can’t get enough of these popular, self-contained play solutions.

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Looking for the most iconic play event ever? Well, you found them, swings are fundamental to any play environment. Henderson has lots of styles and sizes to choose from.

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Shelters focusing on versatility and value. Steelworx and Woodworx shelters will meet all your permanent shade and shelter requirements.

Go to Dino Digs and More

Discover amazingly real dinosaur digs cast from original dinosaur bones. Exciting and educational. We also offer a variety of concrete climbers and other play features that are sure to impress every child.

Go to Vista Furnishings

Vista is an attractive park furnishings product line that can complement any environment, from scenic parks and trails to urban streets and shopping malls.

Go to Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

There is no other park amenity that gets so much bang for its buck as the Greenfields Outdoor Fitness zones.

Ready to Rock Your Kid’s Fitness Program

Henderson’s Obstacle Course challenges are here

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a  race through a challenging and fun obstacle course. Kids can challenge each other through a series of difficult, muscle building, cardio enhancing, and physically tough obstacle course. They can also practice the obstacle events independently as they prepare for the next race against their friends.

Fight Childhood Obesity with Structured Competitive Events.

Great for schools that want to enhance the physical education program outdoors. No aspect of physical fitness has been left out on the largest course.

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Behold Vista

Vista furnishings are truly a sight to see. Each product in the Vista series is crafted with careful attention to detail; pairing innovative design with meticulous engineering, Vista offers unparalleled quality and unceasing beauty. Using the most innovative materials and the latest in computer-aided design including 3-D printing, Laser-Cut patterns, and CNC machining, Vista products are manufactured with the specific intention of providing lasting, stunning fixtures to any environment. The benches in the Vista line are inspired by the natural simplicity and stunning attraction of the grandest of North American scenery, Vista benches borrow their names from some of the most iconic lakes and waterways of North America. Lakes and waterways which have come to symbolize truly inspiring vistas. All Vista products are made in North America using environmentally responsible resources. As breathtaking as a serene prairie lake and as rugged as the enduring Rocky Mountains, Vista furnishings are a perfect blend of form and function. With Vista, it’s easy to turn any public space into a scene to behold.

Berliner Seilfabrik

The World’s Best Rope Play  

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